QuickJack SLX Model Enhancements

  • Our new and improved SLX models feature cantilevered rubber block trays for increased rubber block reach. Not only do the extended trays allow for better functionality, they also allow the contact blocks on the trailing side of the lifting frames to be positioned closer to the wheels during set-up.
  • We have added a 7,000-pound capacity model to our lineup. The new BL-7000SLX is the perfect solution for servicing full size vehicles and light trucks.
  • Our BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX models now feature reinforced upper frame rails with box-welded steel reinforcements to minimize deflection.
  • The enhanced SLX models also feature dual-position automatic safety locks that engage automatically as the lift rises. A quick flip of the lock bar disengages the safeties for a smooth hands-free descent.