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Leaving vehicle rise ,with no hydraulic hose

hydraulic hose, will be hard to put them back in pump connections. i have experiment this condition, dont panic, remember the bleeder from the hydraulic lifters ., yes the hex, turn lose very slow, 1/2 turn, controlling the dropping of fluid , connect the hydraulic lines, to the pump. , close the valve , bring the unit close to the hydraulic lifters , and line, wanna do this step very thoughtful and fast. always think is hydraulic pressure. i keep hoses connected to unit. save a lot of trouble. and leaks from o ring. i use as a movil mechanic. everyday. so i now everything about this unit loopholes.... i have the 12 volt, unit. please get a gardener batt. small and very convenient .you wont have the jumper cable problem of grown or positive issues. quick jack is a wonder full unit. and safe. experiments with it, to get comfortable . if need o ring use the ac o - ring kit. and lube unit. to prevent rust.
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