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Problem with fittings

Im have had my quick jack BL5000 going on about a month now.. Have been using it with no problems at all to lift my Audi s4. Until today, I get the car parked in my new garage.. and say hey lets rotate some tires. I'll need to bust out the quick jack of course. Well, unfortunately my quick connections are not fitting or able to attach from hose to pump assembly for some reason. I tried flipping the hose so i would be using the attachment from the opposite side, since i had it connected to the ramps with no problems at all.. that didn't work. So im thinking it may be an issue with the male fittings from the pump side. Have you guys ever encountered an issue like this? Considering my pump is relatively new, maybe a defective part or parts is the culprit? Please let me know what you think.

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When I attempted connection of the hose to pump I felt resistance. I grabbed the other hose same thing. I thought it was pressure. But I guess it was an o ring. I made the connection and it leaked, I disconnected it right away and the was part of an o ring pinched in the male end and part pinched in the female end.

im having the same problem 

Have the exact same problem.....can the O-Ring be replaced? On what side it goes?

On mine it was the o-ring from inside the smaller diameter male side, it got stuck half way in each side of the connector. My unit was covered under warranty. They sent me a new set of fittings. I'm a little worried it might happen to another fitting but it's been good so far.
I am not sure if the o ring can be replaced. I'm sure it can but I have no idea how to. All I know is these are pretty expensive fittings. I went to oriely's and they wanted close to 100 bucks for the fitting. Was the o ring failure on the male fitting directly mounted on the pump? Mine was, I wonder if it could be from too much resivior pressure? Perhaps if you did not loosen the res cap to relieve the pressure while using the lift. I'm not sure if that would cause it to blow out the o ring or not, just a thought.

I had a problem with the quick connect fittings also.  I have the BL7000 which I received in early May 2016.  The unit worked until I wanted to use it in early June 2017 and when I tried to connect the hoses I felt a lot of resistance and when I finally got the connections made one, of the male fittings on the pump leaked a lot without any pressure applied to the system.  

I contacted QuikJack Customer Service and they sent me a one new male/female set of fittings which cured my problem so far.  Hopefully that takes care of it for the future also.  I may try to find compatible fittings locally so I don't have down time in the future waiting for UPS or USPS to make a delivery.

Thanks for the Customer Service.

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Mine was the Male connector at the the replacement fitting from Quickjack under warranty. great service. So far so good.

I have been using the lift for the last month with no problem. Had my vehicle on the lift for a few days in the locked position and removed the hoses. Went to reconnect the hoses and they won't attach to the pump or the jack. Tried flipping the hoses to no avail. It's as though there is too much pressure in the hoses. Anyone have any suggestions.

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I had the same issue luckily mine was not up with a vehicle on it. For me it was the oring from inside the little end of the fitting directly fasted to the pump. I contacted customer support and the quickly sent me 1 new fitting. I am a little worried about the other fitting. However i believe maybe it blew because i may not have had my resevior cap loose to prevent pressure. Not sure that has anything to do with it. But mine has worked flawless since.
I have something for y'all to try. Today I went to use my Quick Jack. I felt resistance. I loosened the cap on the resivior, then plugged in the quick jack and pressed the down button as I plugged the fitting together. It worked. I could feel the pressure release. And the fittings slipped together as they should. Hope this helps.

Same issue Hose/s wont connect to pump..waiting to hear from QJ support

I have the same problem ordered another fitting maybe quickjack will refund me

all this issues. are real. but is not defective .manufacturers is about dealing with hydraulic pressures. and rubber seals .yes it is frustrate, but same time .is how to fix them in spot. as a movil mechanic. using everyday. i trust more in this unit . ac-o ring will do the trick. and 12 volt unit.get a gardener batt. eliminate the jumper cable . it lose a lot of amp..making the unit look bad. i have experiment every shame with customers. until i found the loopholes in this unit. im in complete satisfaction with quick jack. wonder full idea. thank for aloud us to comment in free expression .in favor or against this product. but let us help each other to growth our dream .to work on cars....
Went crazy today trying connect the hydraulic hoses with no luck at all. Finally read the posts and amazing holding the down button while connecting the fittings. Popped right together a little awkward but it works.
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